Reclaiming the Goddess

Big Brother snooping on me

He’s the peeping Tom when I have a pee

Microchipping my soul wired into his game

Big Brother, stop hassling me

I’m trying to heal the wounds that my dysfunctional family

Inflicted, as I predicted

They made me an unloveable black sheep of the family

But I broke free now I’m running through trees

Take me to the water

And wash away this shame

Find my Angel Gabriel

And party away the blues

With the beat rhythm of your soul

I take control

Pour the love and the life back into me

And lift me up into your eternal bliss

Greet the Goddess with a genuine kiss

Not a lizard tongue down your throat

I’m not your sacrificial goat

I’m the High Priestess and I’m free

Free to be me beyond eternity



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